Our Classes

Kindergarten Ballet, Tap, Jazz

​Teaching little ballerinas French terms, basic steps and a lifetime love of dance through the use of illustrated characters. This world of dance is perfect for ballerinas age 2 and up. Dancers will start to learn the encyclopedia of ballet through fun and imaginable exercises with nurturing and engaging teachers.


​​Acrobatics teaches strength, flexibility, and tumbling. Gymnastics skills include but are not limited to walkovers, limbers, handsprings, chest rolls, cartwheels/round offs, handstands, and more. Please wear leotards and fitted tights or pants with bare feet. T-Shirts for Boys only.

Hippity Hoppity

​A fun energetic class for ages 3 to 5 that incorporates upbeat music to exercise the bodies with high energy movement while learning coordination, musicality, strength, flexibility and basic acro skills with nurturing and engaging teachers.

Prodigy Mind, Prodigy Vibes, Prodigy Life

Hip Hop

​This popular, energetic form of dance, allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. This class is inspired by today’s latest music and hippest trends in dance. Age appropriate Hip Hop music and movement is used for each class.


​Making music with your feet using special shoes. Learning to create different rhythms and sounds. Tap is great for developing musicality and coordination skills. Builds rhythm and memorization skills.

Twirl ~ a fun + fanciful approach to dance class! Ages 2-2.5


​Technique driven with upbeat, popular music, this fun class combines stylized movement combined with expression. Each Jazz class consists of warm-up, stretching, strengthening, across the floor progressions, improvisation and choreography.


​​A classical form of dance focusing on body alignment. Barre, center floor, and across the floor are all used to develop proper Ballet technique. Ballet is the foundation upon which most dance forms are based. Ballet requires the most discipline of all the dance forms. Pink tights, leotards and hair up is required.

This season, we are offering an amazing new program to enhance your dancer’s experience in dance class––Twirl! As a supplement to our existing curriculum, Twirl is a fun + fanciful approach to dance class, and inspires creativity and imagination in your child while reinforcing dance basics.

As a Twirly girl, your dancer will receive:
• A Twirl activity book: We will utilize the book at least once per month during class, so we will store it at the studio all year. We will personalize it to your dancer, and she can take it home at the end of the year for continued fun!
• A Twirl ribbon for her dance bag: Each week, at the end of class, your dancer will earn a rhinestone for her ribbon. At the end of the dance year, she will have a super sparkly souvenir of her dance year!
• A Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate: At the end of the dance year, we will host a mini-performance during dance class to demonstrate some of the fun and unique activities we’ve learned throughout the year, where your child will earn a certificate!

Your little dancer will look forward to dance day each week with the fun and imaginative activities offered in her Twirl class!

Musical Theatre 

​Musical Theater dance is the study of Broadway dance and dance styles. Young students as well as teens and adults learn choreography from musicals, such as “High School Musical”, “Annie”, “Fosse”, "West Side Story", "Newsies", and many more. Our focus is on Broadway musicals old and new! Our instructors introduce song and choreography into dance techniques and styles.


​​Fusion of Ballet and Modern - a more urban and free technique focusing on strength, fall and recover, flexibility, improvisation combined with expression. Benefits are confidence, endurance and strength.