Any color leotards or tights, tutus, and ballet skirts. Hair must be pulled back and away from face. Pink leather ballet shoes, tan patent leather tap shoes with tan elastic or elastic tap ties.


Solid colored leotards and tights. Ballet skirts are acceptable. Students may also wear sports bras, tight fitting tanks, jazz shorts (no cheerleading shorts), jazz pants, and leggings. Hair must be pulled back and away from face. Tan slip on jazz shoes, black lace-up tap shoes, nude color foot undeez for lyrical class, and tan character shoes for musical theatre class. 


Solid black leotard and pink tights. Canvas Split-Sole, pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn on shoes. NO BALLET SKIRTS! No jewelry, only small studded earrings permissible. Hair is to be in a low tight bun at nape of neck, invisible hairnets, ribbons/small bows are permissible. HAIR CANNOT BE DOWN OR IN A PONYTAIL! 


Comfortable but fitted clothing may be worn in these classes. Tanks, sports bras, jazz pants, capri pants, dance shorts, and wind pants are all acceptable. NO JEANS OR BAGGY T-SHIRTS!! Hair must be pulled back and off the neck! Any sneakers or tennis shoes are appropriate for this class. 


Comfortable but fitted clothing may be worn to this class. Tanks, sports bras, jazz pants, capri pants, and dance shorts are all acceptable. NO JEANS OR BAGGY T-SHIRTS!! Hair must be pulled back and off of neck! Tumblers are barefoot in class! 


A $60 annual registration fee per student and the first month’s tuition must be received in order to reserve a student’s place in class. If you register, you are considered to be enrolled for the full term. All other eight months (September – April) are due by the 1st of each month. There is a $25 late fee for tuition not paid by the 10th of the month and each month after that the month tuition was due if it has not been paid. WE DO NOT SEND MONTHLY STATEMENTS, EXCEPT TO OVERDUE ACCOUNTS. Tuition is the same if the studio is closed for a holiday or if your child misses a lesson; therefore, we do not charge extra when there are five lessons in a month. Tuition for additional immediate family members living in the same household will be discounted 10%. Individual classes may be taken at $20.00 per hour. 


Students should only add or drop a class at the end of the month since tuition will not be prorated. If at any time you need to withdraw, you must NOTIFY THE OFFICE IN WRITING prior to the withdrawal. Non-attendance is not considered withdrawal from class. Monthly charges continue and tuition is due until we receive written notification of withdrawal. If a student drops mid-month, that month’s tuition will not be refunded, due to that student taking up a spot in the class that another student could have occupied for the entire year. There is a drop fee of $25.00 plus one month’s tuition for each class student withdrawals from if a class is dropped from one month to the next. At the beginning of the year, you may change your schedule without a penalty if you do it prior to September 1st. After that time, the drop fee will be enforced. 


A $25.00 fee will be applied to your account for every returned check. This payment and the returned payment must be paid IN FULL and in CASH. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Checks may only be held for a total of 10 business days)