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Schedule & Attendance...Classes begin August 6th and will conclude with a recital in early May. There will be no classes during the following holidays:

Labor Day (September 3rd)
Thanksgiving (November 19-23)
Christmas (December 24 - January 4)
Spring Holiday (March 25-29)​

WE WILL BE OPEN FOR ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS. All Students are expected to attend class regularly and on time. Parents are reminded that any absence from class hampers the student's progress. Since our staff must be paid on the base of regular attendance, there is no tuition deduction for lessons missed, regardless of the reason. Absences can be made up by making arrangements through the office. 

Inclement Weather: In the event of future inclement weather, we normally follow what the Columbus City Schools do. If we do close for inclement weather, it will be posted on our website, a message will be posted on our Facebook page, there will be a message on our answering machine and an email will be sent to all the customers.