Protégé is Prodigy Dance Centre's highest level performing company made up of 10 distinguished dancers with outstanding technique, performance quality and style. Protégé represents Prodigy Dance Centre at local and national talent competitions, conventions, and performances. These dancers have a focus and desire to fully commit themselves to the demands of Protégé. We take great pride in our Protégé Performing Company and have high expectations of all members. We pride ourselves on training well-rounded, diverse dancers and provide our Protégé members with opportunities not found at any other studio in Columbus. We feel the relationships developed with faculty and peers through dance are unmatched by most sports and disciplines.
PROTÉGÉ Involves:
  • Choosing dance as a priority over all other extracurricular activities
  • Attendance to 3 or 4 competitions and Summer event & 1 dance convention
  • Weekend rehearsals and weekday classes/rehearsals
  • Classes and workshops with guest teachers/choreographers at Prodigy Dance Centre
  • Participation in Holiday Show (if optioned),  & Year-End Concert
  • Opportunity to be selected for solos, extra groups, and guest choreographers
PROTÉGÉ Minimum Requirements:
  • Will perform a minimum of 2 base routines and the production number at all competitions and conventions should we choose.
  • Required to be at the studio a minimum of three days per week taking classes in jazz, ballet, contemporary/lyrical, hip-hop and more. Protégé members are required to train a minimum of 8 hours per week
    • 2 Ballet classes, 2 Jazz classes and Contemporary/Lyrical are required
  • Approximate Tuition: $245 per month
  • Absences – 8 total absences will be allowed. Any more than 8 will result in possible dismissal from the company.
  • Guest Teachers: $25 per class