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"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."


Prodigy Dance Centre is Over the Rainbow to announce our 2022 Year-End Show theme: OVER THE PRODIGY RAINBOW! Based on the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz, this show is sure to wow audiences of all ages! So grab ruby red slippers, courage, brains and heart and join Dorothy, Toto and all their friends as we travel down the yellow brick road to the wonderful land of OZ!

To start your magical journey to the land of OZ, click your heels together three times and repeat: "There's no place like Prodigy! There's no place like Prodigy! There's no place like Prodigy! 

An OZ-Standing show is coming to Prodigy this season as we present #overtheprodigyrainbow! We are so EXCITED!

Prodigy's Year-End Show is the highlight of our season! Our show is not like your typical dance recital. It is a huge production, and we put a lot of creative efforts into the show each year to make it the best it can be. We love our show and our goal is to make every dancer feel extra special! It is a very important and exciting event for all our dancers!

CLICK HERE to access your Over the Prodigy Rainbow Dropbox!

2022 Year-End Show Dates

  • Dress Rehearsal: Monday, June 6th & Tuesday, June 7th

  • Year-End Show: Wednesday, June 8th & Thursday, June 9th


Approximately $60-$80 each.  Payments are due by 11/15/2021. Costume fees will be auto-drafted on November 15, 2021. After this fee is processed on November 15th, it is non-refundable.


$35 (per dancer) and is due April 15th. This fee helps cover the costs associated with putting on the production, and includes a special year-end gift for each dancer.


Each family is required to purchase 6 tickets to the Spring Recital. Tickets are $20 each. This fee is due April 15th.



Each year, we offer our families the option to sell any additional tickets they don’t need to other families that may wish to buy more tickets for their dancer's performance. This program is a great tool to get rid of those extra tickets you don’t need and to recoup some of your ticket money. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to sell all of your additional tickets, this is still a great opportunity to get the exact number of tickets needed for your family.

How does it work?
List your tickets available or claim to purchase by completing the spreadsheet using the button below. Please contact seller to complete swap/purchase tickets.


We are so excited to offer this to our Prodigy Dance families this year an online “Over theProdigy Rainbow” merchandise store! We will have a very limited supply for sale at the show - so go ahead and place your orders now! Please note, this store is separate from our studio store.

Here you will be able to purchase:

• T-shirts = $25.00*

• DVD disc = $55.00**

• DVD Digital Download = $40.00**

• Flowers (bouquet) = $35.00 (deadline to order is May 15th)**

• Courageous Lion = $20.00 (deadline to order is May 2nd)**

• Program Ads***

* All apparel items are produced on-demand by our friends locally at ThreadMob. At checkout,

you will have the option to pickup from their print facility or have your order shipped directly toyour door. Please allow 5-7 business days for all apparel orders only.

** All items listed under Memory Merch tab are preorder items only and will not be available until

the recital or a later date. If you are ordering show apparel also - those items will be ready for pickup

in 5-7 business days as they are completed - a notification will be sent via email! If you have any

questions - please contact the Prodigy Dance Office at 706.221.5566 :)

*** Please email your ad content to Krystle Albert at krystle@krystlealbert.com with your online

confirmation number that you recieve via email from our “Over The Prodigy Rainbow” store no

later than May 2nd.