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2023-2024 | spring production






Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three...


This is your GOLDEN TICKET announcing our 2024 Spring Production! Marvelous things are in store and FANTASTICAL surprises await you. We'll begin with a SPIN as we travel in the world of our WONKA Sweet Sixteen creation. We're overflowing with candy delight to bring this quirky, tooth-tickling, tongue-tastical, CHOCOLATIER to life and all of the amazingness you'll find with


Pure Prodigy Imagination

Prodigy's Spring Production is the highlight of our season! Our show is not like your typical dance recital. It is a huge production, and we put a lot of creative efforts into the show each year to make it the best it can be. We love our show and our goal is to make every dancer feel extra special! It is a very important and exciting event for all our dancers!

2024 spring Production Dates

  • Dress Rehearsal: Monday, May 20 & Tuesday, May 21

  • Spring Production: Wednesday, May 22 & Thursday, May 23


Approximately $70-$90 each.  Payments are due by 11/01/2023. Costume fees will be auto-drafted on November 1, 2023. After this fee is processed on November 1st, it is non-refundable.


New this year! It's a FUN bundle including everything you will need to make your Prodigy Spring Production experience a fantastic experience! The FUNdle fee (per family) will be provided to you (with all the details of what it covers) and assessed in March. The estimated cost is approximately $155 (we will confirm the exact cost in March 2024) and includes things like:

  • Two tickets to the show

  • A video download of your dancer's show

  • One souvenir program

  • A show t-shirt and more! 


It also helps cover some of the costs associated with planning and executing the show, some of the theater expenses and your dancer's special show souvenir! 

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