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sugar plum fairy dance camp

Grab your fairy wings and join us for our Sugar Plum Fairy Dance Camp! This one day camp will be the highlight of your dancers holiday season. They will learn multiple styles of dance and create sugary sweet crafts. There will be a short performance at the end of the camp for all parents! Bonus - no experience required!

WHEN: December 16th

WHERE: Prodigy Dance Centre

AGES: 2-5 years old

TIME - 9am-12pm

COST: $50 (once payment is received, no refunds will be issued if a student needs to withdrawal for any reason)

DRESS CODE: The dancers are allowed to wear leotards, tights, dance shorts, dance tops, t-shirts, leggings, and athletic shorts. As long as they can move freely in their attire and are not restricted they are good to go!

SHOES: They can wear ballet, jazz or tennis shoes during the camp. 

*Please bring a snack and water bottle!​

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