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a message from our directors:

Prodigy Dance Centre, a facility (or as we call it, our home) designed for any one, of any age, race, ethnicity, and gender identification who likes to move, shake, bounce, jump, smile, flow, create, and grow. These hallways have seen over a decade of artistic, uniquely made individuals who have come here to find connected and furthered dance education within our unique artistry.

We pride our esteemed education with each of our students from our very young & bold 2 year old dancers, all the way to our seasoned, educated and prepared dancers who are ready to skillfully and confidently step into their next season of life beyond Prodigy Dance Centre.

Dance is ever changing. Music and movement change and it changes within us and we must grow with the times. After dissecting what has been 13 incredible years of operation and artistic growth leading to our success and humbled placement in our vibrant community, it is also time for us to grow and change

as well.

We want our facility to be an environment that is welcoming to each and every individual who is ready to “be”, let loose and dance! To our amazing dance parents, we hope you feel the energy as soon as you enter our space, believing and trusting that your children are receiving the best dance education around.

Welcome to season 14 and beyond here at our newly revived PRODIGY DANCE CENTRE!


- Shane Hall and Curtis Cauthen

season fourteen | in the know

There is still time to enroll for our 2021-2022 Dance Season! We have amazing classes for ages 2+.


Learn more about our 2022 Year-End Show: Over the Prodigy Rainbow! Part One of the recital packet is available now!

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Are you enrolled & on Facebook? If so - join our Dance Parent Group where you can meet other dance parents, share pictures, ask questions, stay in-the-know & more!


7613 Fortson Road

Columbus, GA 31909